January 21st, 2019

Super 6 EVOLVED – Transform IT with Software-defined

The 2019 evolution is happening.

Last year, we brought you our priorities for the year, a fantastic way for you to frame HPE offerings.

In 2019, Super 6 is evolving.

  • Redefine Experiences at the Edge
  • Right Mix of Hybrid Cloud
  • Storage to Intelligent Flash
  • Unlock Data with AI
  • Transform IT with SW-defined
  • Everything as a Service

In this article, we’ll focus on Transform IT with SW-defined.

So what is ‘Transform IT with Software-defined’?

Software-defined IT solutions are more equipped to handle the demands of today’s IT infrastructure.

Help your customers realise a cloud-inspired experience on premises – talk to them about HPE’s portfolio of advisory services, solutions and financing options.

HPE Synergy

HPE Synergy is a software-defined solution allowing customers to manage infrastructure as code, deploying IT resources for any workload. Customers can compose fluid pools of physical and virtual compute.

This software-defined solution offers customers cloud-like speed and scare as they can compose infrastructure instantly.

Customers will also be able to automate everyday operations using a unified API.

HPE Synergy allows for faster development time, so your customers’ developers can continuously build, test and deploy apps.

HPE SimpliVity

HPE SimpliVity is a pre-integrated, all-flash, hyperconverged solution. It’s currently available on the HPE ProLiant DL380 Server or the HPE SimpliVity 2600, a new platform using software optimisation for dedupe and compression.

HPE OneView

The software that drives our software-defined solutions, HPE OneView now has better security features including two factor authentication. The perfect way for your customers to speed up processes.


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