February 11th, 2019

Merging the Human with Data

As smart as technology gets, human instinct is key. F1 racing champion Lewis Hamilton and Toto Wolff chat to Marc Waters on how data and driver instinct is the best equation for success.

How many sensors are built into Lewis Hamilton’s car?

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These send billions of data points back to the engineers.

What is used to speed up the flow of data to enable the set up of the car more effectively?

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These tools are critical. It used to take 3 days the run through the simulation modes, but with the latest technology available, it is now just a 1 day turnaround.

Where does the foundation and design of Lewis’ current steering wheel stem from?

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After his first season with Mercedes, he sat down with the team and suggested a re-design, including the amount of rotatory switches available, and even the shape of it!

The steering wheel has a vast amount of functions and switches available, but who decides what functions are used and when during races?

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Lewis manages this as the race goes on and makes his own instinctive decisions.


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